July 30, 2011, 3:42 pm
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 All the way…I’m going all the way… All the way…I’m going all the way…I’m going all the way with the Lord. These lyrics are to one of my favorite songs and it resonates in my spirit today. I remember when I went through breast cancer I would sing this song to the Lord. There is a verse that says no turning back…I’m going all the way. No matter what battles you face or storms  that are coming your way, determine in your spirit that you  will not turn back and you will go all the way with the Lord.

There is always more that follows a storm or a tough battle, always more than you know. If we could only think like babies for a moment and climb on our fathers lap and take in the mind of God , what wonderful things would happen! When you get a thirst and nothing will satisfy you but God, what a joyous time you will have.

The harder the place you are in, the more of Christ you will experience as you yield to his plan. Without faith it is impossible to please God.  I want to encourage you to believe also that he is able to work out his plan in your life. It doesn’t matter what your battle is and what the naysayers declare that you can’t accomplish. God can still use you and work mightily through you. Great possibilities are within your reach if you dare to believe.

No turning back, walk it out with Jesus and trust him for your healing. What do you need from him today? What has made you turn around and not finish the journey?

I’m almost 3 years free of cancer. I spent each day walking it out and refusing to stop and try to find reasons why I could not live. There is life after breast cancer or any other disease or afflictions. Always remember, your misery and pain may be the catalyst for a ministry to spring forth out of your life. If you stop in the middle of the battle you have stolen an opportunity for someone else to believe that God is a healer.