100 Things you DO NOT say to People Who Have Cancer
February 27, 2016, 3:51 pm
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Knowing what to say to those who have cancer can sometimes be very challenging. Sometimes, too much concentration on what to say can bring out horrible results.

Each comment listed here is real. There are people all over the country who have heard these words at some point and time during their bout with cancer.

I am a true witness to cruel words and actions when I went through cancer and chemotherapy treatments. It is my desire that this section will help someone weigh their words before spewing them out on unsuspecting victims.

There were days I wanted to say, “Are you serious?” but I soon discovered it was easier to shake the dust off my feet and keep it moving.

If you find that you have been guilty of making any of these comments to someone that has cancer, please do not hesitate to apologize.

I listed each comment in a category that seem to fit it more appropriately.

For Better or Worse

  1. Young lady diagnosed with cancer a few weeks from getting married, when everyone found out she had cancer, her phone rang off the hook with questions like, “so, are you still getting married?”
  2. Are you going to buy another dress? Does your fiancée still want to get married? They all forgot to ask her how she was doing.
  3. The husband that plans a weeklong trip out of town and forgets to make arrangements for his wife to get to her chemo appointments
  4. Wife going through chemo and husband says to her, “there is nothing wrong with you except you’re fat and lazy.’
  5. The husband that drops his wife off at chemo the first day and leaves. As time passes the wife wonders why he is so late returning so she calls him on his cell. His response to her is, “I can’t do this, I’m not coming back home.”
  6. The husband that says to his wife who is recuperating from a mastectomy, “Now what do you expect me to do now? I have needs also.”
  7. The husband that drops his wife off at chemo while he’s golfing
  8. The husband that spends too much time looking at the waitress boobs as if his bilateral mastectomy wife is not at the table
  9. A wife is not feeling well on one of her treatment days, she asked her husband to stay with her because she is alone. His reply was, I’ve already scheduled this golf game and I told the guys I would be there.

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